As everything is big when you’re a kid; the newly discovered world belongs to giants. The stove where the milk overflows is tall as a building, the white liquid that pours does not seem to burn. The walls do not allow seeing the sky. In the classroom, that fear of chairs turned towards the wall, the sign of error. As an adult, everything is small, fits in the palm of the hand. The work of Nazareno too.

The artist has smooth talks, like who was born near the sea. It is said that every artist is, by trade, a collector; Nazareno collects things of the world, those that we bump onto and those that are completely invisible, like feelings. “I always drew, because I always ate,” he revealed in an interview. He is also a geographer. Scratches the cartography of the passages through which everyone passes, the grope of childhood, the volcano of adolescence, being an adult and lost. It is difficult not to see ourselves in his drawings.

Draws a tangle of veins and encourages courage, courage! Under small crutches, the effort of having arrived to the loved one. Shoots an arrow on the white space and whispers, in the future, come back to me, the arrow or the love. They are written advice with subtle irony ink, signs before entering the thorny forest of everyday relationships.

And as Lewis Carroll’s Alice, who sipped a liquid to grow, one walks like a giant over his series of miniatures. A will to step, a fear to move. It is an inverted childhood, one owns it. The inadequacies, the hierarchy, the princess sleeping on the mattresses and feeling the pea. It hurts.

Nazareno talks about stones; the protagonist of his works is the loser of the day-to-day struggles: he who arrives late, who is left, the student who does not understand math. The difficulty is embodied in an unreachable ladder, with the first step dangling in the air and the last meeting the rigidity of the roof.

Where the dots connect, attention, loved ones!, says one of his illustrations. Where the works of Nazareno are, attention, a reliquary of everyday life that can be yours!

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